English translation of Maktubat Imam Rabbani (selective 100) | Mujaddid Alf sani | Sheikh Ahmad sirhindi

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This letter, written to Mawlana Hamid Ahmadi, informs that the alam was created from nothing, and refutes the thing which the Greek philosophers called active mind:

Thanks be to Allahu ta'ala who, is the creator of alams, and salat and salam be on the highest of Prophets! Allahu ta'ala exists by Himself. Allah's existence is from Himself. As He exists now, so He always existed in the past. And He will always exist in future. It is impossible that He be nonexistent before or after His existence. He should exist always. Nonexistence cannot approach Him. Everything other than Allahu ta'ala is called alam. All the alam, matter's physical states, [that is, solid substances, liquids and gases, atoms, molecules and energies], heavens, minds, selves [cells, all the living], elements and compounds came into existence by His creation. While being nonexistent, they came to being later. Only He exists eternally. All besides Him were nonexistent. They came to being afterwards. After a while they will cease to exist again. He created the earth in two days. Then He created heavens, the stars in two days, too. That is, He created them from nothing. The ninth ayat of Ha-mim Sajda Sura declares: "He created the earth in two days," and its twelfth ayat declares; "then, He created the seven heavens in two days, too." If a person comes forward, denies these ayats of the Qur'an, and says that some creatures, heavens, stars, elements, minds and souls are eternal, it will be understood that he is an idiot. All dins have communicated that everything other than Allahu ta'ala is hadith, that is, they were created afterwards while they had been nonexistent. This unanimity of all dins is communicated by Hujjat- ul-Islam Imam-i Muhammad Ghazali in his book Almunqidhu Aniddalal, in which he also writes that those who say that some of the things in the alam are eternal will become disbelievers. As it is seen, to say that one of the creatures is eternal means to go out of the din and to become a philosopher. All things other than Allahu ta'ala were nonexistent, and they will cease to exist again. Towards Doomsday, stars will leave their places and disperse, heavens will be rent asunder, and mountains also will be torn to pieces, and all will be annihilated. The Qur'an informs with the fact clearly. All groups of Muslims have communicated this unanimously. Al-haqqa Sura declares, "Once the Sur is blown, the earth and mountains shall be lifted up and shaken off. That day, end of the world shall come, the sky shall be divided and rent asunder." Takwir Sura declares, "When the sun shall darken, the stars shall fall and the mountains shall be broken to pieces and dispersed..."; Infitar Sura declares, "When the sky shall be broken apart and the stars shall be dispersed and annihilated..." and the last ayat of Qasas Sura declares, "Everything shall be annihilated, He only shall remain!"

These and many other similar ayats exist in the Qur'an. It will be ignorance not to believe that they will be annihilated. Or it is to believe in the falsely-adorned lies of the philosophers who deny the Qur'an. As it is seen, it is one of the conditions of iman to believe that creatures will be annihilated as well as to believe that they were created from nothing. It is certainly necessary to believe it. Some savants said that seven things, namely the Arsh, the Kursi, the Lawh, the Pen, Paradise, Hell, the Ruh, will not be annihilated, and they will remain eternally. But these words of theirs do not mean that these cannot be annihilated. They mean that Allahu ta'ala will annihilate whichever He wishes of the things which He created and He will not annihilate some others which He wishes, for uses and reasons which He, alone, knows; these will eternally exist. Allahu ta'ala does what He wishes and commands what He wishes. As understood from what has been written so far, the alam, that is, everything, exists through Allah's Will and Power. Everything needs Allahu ta'ala to exist, to remain in existence. For, to be eternal means to go on existing every moment. It does not mean to become something else. It is by Allah's Will and Decree both to exist and to go on existing. How could the thing which was called active mind by the ancient philosophers [and which is called natural forces by today's enemies of the din] ever control creatures' existence or nonexistence? There have been various sayings even on its own existence. For, the thing which they have given the name has been put forward through their poor minds. According to the true teachings of Islam, these are the things which are means in Allahu ta'ala's creating. These means also were, and are being created by Allahu ta'ala. It is such a grave idiocy to end up the existence of creatures by such made-up, illusive names instead of believing the fact that it is from Allahu ta'ala [who is Omniscient, Omnipotent]. In fact, creatures would deem it base and would be ashamed to be servants, slaves to something concocted by those shortsighted people who are the slaves of their own minds,

Instead of being creatures of Allah, Who is the highest of the high. They would prefer nonexistence to being such slaves. They would not wish to exist as the slaves of something fabulous instead of being creatures of a creator who is capable of everything and who can do what He wishes. As it is declared in an ayat in Kahf Sura, such idiots are described as "What they utter is a very evil word. They always tell lies."